Weekly Updates

This week in class 3/5-3/9

I hope you all had a great weekend! We’ve got one more week before Spring Break which includes field day!

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Things to watch out for:

  • Field Day Announcements
    Schedule of Events:
    2nd& 3rd Grades –8:00-9:45 am
    4th& 5th Grades –10:00-11:45 am
    K & 1st Grades –12:30 –2:15 pm
  • Third Grade Economics Fair

    We have some incredible upcycled items for sale. All proceeds will be going to the Round Rock Serving Center. Make sure to bring your money, preferably quarters, and a shopping bag to put your bought items in! Can’t wait to see you there!

  • RRISD Career Fair Info

    On Monday, March 5 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Round Rock High School, counseling services will host a Career Exploration Fair featuring career-focused activities for all ages, kindergarten through grade 12, from over 100 participating partners.

    A variety of careers on wheels will be on display in the front parking lot, and students can bring home free photos from the photo booth.  Also, FAFSA help will be available to seniors and their parents.

    Students who attend may win an Xbox swag package with Xbox gaming chair or one of three Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series laptop. Student(s) must be present to win.  

    Please encourage students to attend the career fair and get excited about dreaming big.

    Find more information about the career fair, including a short video that can show in class or on morning broadcasts on the District website.

Important Dates
3/5: RRISD Career Day @ Round Rock HS 6:00-8:00
3/6: Economics Fair
3/7: Kindergarten Round Up
3/8: Science Assessment
3/9: Field day!
3/12-3/16: Spring Break

This Week We Are Learning:

Math: This week we are continuing our unit introducing coordinate plane. This week we will be identifying patterns in a graph to interpret data. Students will be able to recognize the difference between an additive or multiplicative pattern given in a table or graph. Students will use patterns to determine the number of pattern blocks needed to make the next figure in a sequence.  Students extend the pattern by making a table of values, view the values from the table as ordered pairs, plot the coordinates on a coordinate grid. Students will also use input and output tables to look for patterns to show data in a graph.

Science: We will be completing our unit on Living and nonliving things, the carbon-dioxide oxygen cycle and fossils. Students will test Thursday. To wrap up this unit, students will identify fossils as evidence of past living organisms and the nature of the environments at the time using models. They will explore fossils through learning how fossils are formed and through exploring the evidence that fossils provide about organisms and environments from the past.

Thank you!


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