Weekly Updates

This week in class 11/27-12/1

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break filled with lots of food, fun, family, and football! 🙂

Things to watch out for:

  • Our field trip is Wednesday 11/29. Please remind students to wear their 5th grade class shirts and bring their sack lunches if they did not order a bagged lunch in advance.
  • I am also sending home their science and math tests from before the break. We can now start sending home district assessments. I would like for you not only see what we are learning in school but also see where your child may struggle in order to assist them with their learning at home. Please SIGN and RETURN them by the end of this week.
  • Innovation Station Needs Donations!
    Please help us stock our Makerspace. This is a space for creativity, expression, and innovation!
    Here is a list of items we currently need for our next rotation (2 weeks!):

    • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
    • Egg cartons
    • Fabrics scraps
    • Unused crafting items (stickers, craft paper, hole punches, etc.)
    • Ribbon, string, rope, fishing line
    • Bottles, caps, etc
    • Old Cd’s, berry baskets, pretty much ANYTHING!

    Don’t throw it away-give it to us! A Large box will be left in the school entryway to collect the items. Please make sure the items are clean and ready to use!

    ** due to latex and nut allergies, please avoid donating items that use to contain these items (i.e. peanut cans, balloons, etc) Thank you for helping us keep Innovation Station safe for all our students**

Important Dates
11/28: Spelling Bee
11/29: Field trip to the Zach Theater (Kim/Nieto, Baker/Balakrishnan)
12/1: 3-5 Friday Assembly
12/4: Author Visit: PJ Hoover

This Week We Are Learning:

  • Math: Students will be exploring volume. Students will understand that volume can be found by multiplying length, width and height together. Through building towers, they’ve already concluded that we can calculate how many cubes are used by finding how many cubes are in the base and multiplying that by how many layers/levels there are. We will be working on familiarizing them the vocabulary and making connections. Students connect the multiplication of the number of cubes in a layer by the number of layers to the formula V = Bh; They connect the multiplication of the three dimensions of a prism to the formula V = l x w x h .
    We will be doing more problems to build the students understanding of volume and will relate the number of cubic units it takes to fill a space with the volume of the space. 
  • Science: In science, we are continuing our unit on slow changes to land to create landforms. Before the break, we simulated the formation of landforms in the science lab. This week we are reviewing what we saw. Students will recognize how landforms such as deltas, canyons, and sand dunes are the result of changes to Earth’s surface by wind, water, and ice. We will begin exploring the formation of sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels by the end of the week.

Thank you!


This week in class 11/13-11/17


Hope you all had a great weekend! Being from New England, Fall is my favorite season because of the colors and holiday season! Here are some important dates, and what we will be learning in class before the Thanksgiving break! 🙂

Things to watch out for

  • Field trip forms were sent home Friday for our field trip 11/29. Because it is the week after the break, please return forms and money by Friday (11/17).

Important Dates
11/13: Science Test
Author visit- Don Tate
11/14: Math Test
11/20-11/24: Thanksgiving break
11/28: Spelling Bee
11/29: Field trip to the Zach Theater

This Week We Are Learning:

  • Math: Our unit test for multiplying and dividing fractions is Tuesday. We will be reviewing Monday before the test. Students may study by referring back to our problem solving examples and homework they completed and corrected in class. Our next unit is Unit 4: Introducing Volume and Finalizing Fluency with Whole Number Multiplication and Division. We will begin this unit with a pretest to assess students’ background of finding volume and multiplying and dividing whole numbers. We will end the week with reviewing multiplication strategies in preparation for multiplying with fluency a 3 digit by 2 digit number.
  • Science: We have our Science test Monday on experimenting with forces. Our next unit will be changes to land, formation of fossil fuels, and alternative energy. This week students will go to the science lab to explore how landforms such as deltas, sand dunes, canyons, and glaciers are formed as a result of changes to the Earth’s surface by wind, water, and ice. Students will be rotating stations set up in the lab to answer what forces cause changes to Earth’s surface and what the result of those changes are. We’ll wrap up the week exploring how sedimentary rocks are formed as a result of streams and rivers eroding and depositing sediments over time to create layers by observing a sediment jar (bottle with water and different materials such as gravel, sand, and dirt) to see how layers of sediments are formed because heavier materials will settle to the bottom when carried by water.

Thank you!


This week in class 11/6-11/10

Hello! I’m back! 🙂 Although I’m sad to leave my baby after being home with him for 3 months, I’m so excited to be back teaching 5th grade and to meet the students! Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this transition. I’m looking forward to getting to know your families throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Important Dates
11/10: Veteran’s Day Assembly
11/13: Science Test
11/14: Math Test
11/28: Spelling Bee

This Week We Are Learning:

  • Math: This week in preparation for our Math test on Tuesday, we are solving problems where students will need to identify the correct operation for the problem and solve. Students will explore the ideas and concepts of multiplying and dividing fractions through contextual situations or real-world problems using objects, pictorial models, area models and estimation. Dividing fractions by a whole number and dividing a whole number by a fraction tend to mix students up, so we have been doing a few practice problems together as a class and discussing different strategies students could use to solve (ex. drawing a picture, asking if their answer makes sense in the end). We took notes this week to assist in studying and homework/classwork.  (There are anchor charts under the Math tab on my website if you would like to see!)
  • Science: This week we are exploring forces, such as gravity, friction, and magnetism, and the effects these forces have on an object. Students are conducting hands on experiments, such as dropping marbles from different heights into sand and rolling toy cars down different surfaces. In their experiments they are coming up with a testable question that test one variable. We also discussed how repeated trials are required to demonstrate the reliability of results. The test on forces will be Monday.